Product Information

Give the following items some thought before purchasing the Tiller Tender.

•    Caution!  Do not buy this product if the backing plate cannot be installed correctly. Operating Tiller Tender without the backing plate can cause damage to the transom.

•    No sailboat should be unmanned in strong gusty winds where there is the possibility of a knockdown.

•    No sailboat should be operated without constant vigilance to their surroundings and other boaters in the area.

•    This is not an autopilot. No GPS or wiring needed.

•    Tiller Tender can be removed and stowed, leaving the permanently mounted receiver which is flush to the transom and will resemble a handhold.

•    Tiller Tender will make your day of sailing safer and more secure.

•    Use Tiller Tender to help set your sails properly.


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