Introducing the "Tiller Tender" for Sail Boats

Welcome to the next generation of hands-off tiller control!

The days of ropes and expensive, difficult-to-install electronics systems are over.  Our new patented design makes staying on course as easy as having another sailor on board (without having to feed him!).

This is not an automatic pilot mechanism. The Tiller Tender is made of high-grade aluminum with a support arm that adjusts from 13 1/2" to 22 1/2" which  makes it adaptable to virtually any tillered sailboat between 17 and 29 feet. 

Installed correctly, Tiller Tender will keep the boat on a set course, perfect for under-power setting of the sails.  In essence,  Tiller Tender aligns the keel and the rudder.

The Tiller Tender kit contains everything you need for installation with the exception of an electric drill, 3/8" socket wrench and allen wrench. No wiring, ropes or anything to interfere with your access to the tiller. Tiller Tender engages and disengages in seconds.

Created by sailors and built by a former NASCAR metal fabricator, the Tiller Tender is made to get the job done.

 From Sailor to Sailor!

"I’ve been sailing since I was 8 or 9 years old. My older brother fashioned a sailboat out of a 10' wooden dinghy. Dad made a rudder and centerboards and Mom made a sail out of canvas. My love for sailing is only eclipsed by my love for inventing!  At this time, my 28’ Pearson is my office on Lake Norman near Charlotte, North Carolina.

Think about this! What’s the biggest pain about sailing? The Tiller!

Ninety percent of the time you want to sail on a straight course. When was the last time you wanted to sail in circles? Tiller Tender locks your tiller on a straight course!

Every boat is different... the keel is a little off... the rudder is a little warped. The key to the straight course is in the installation. You take your boat under motor or light wind day, and align the patented “receiver” while you're under way. All you do is mark four small holes on the transom.  You must be able to reach the back of the cockpit wall to install the “backing plate”! 

Do not buy this product if you can’t install the backing plate or you risk damage to the cockpit wall. After installation, Tiller Tender engages and disengages in seconds!

Go Straight, Go Safe, Go Tiller Tender"

- Sam Garofalo, inventor

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